Show Descriptions

NEW STARTING IN 2018! Captain David’s Pirate Parties – So you have to plan your child’s birthday party and you’re stumped on what to do. Then you remember enjoying a performance by the King Serpent Variety Troupe. Why not enlist Captain David and the King Serpent pirate crew to liven up the party? We guarantee to turn your event into a swashbuckling good time!

The King Serpent Sailing Circus – While sailing from port to port The pirate crew of the King Serpent entertains the land-lubbers by sharing their adventures. This show mixes storytelling with music, dance, and audience participation for a swashbuckling good time.

The King Serpent Follies – The Place – Chicago during the 1920’s. On the surface, the city seems to be run by the Mayor of Chicago, but behind the scenes, the people calling the shots are those involved in the rise of organized crime. David “Fork Tongue” O’Brien, leader of the King Serpent Gang, is the richest, most powerful crime boss in the whole city, pulling strings and greasing palms from his speakeasy, The Serpent’s Den. Spend an evening with the King Serpent Gang and get a taste of the underground nightlife of the Jazz Age!  

The King Serpent Haunted Pirate Show – King Serpent crew members Minstrel Michael and Lady Josephine tell of the demise of Captain David Fork Tongue. They are then joined by the ghost of Captain David who has returned to share the ghoulish tales he learned after crossing of river Styx. The show mixes storytelling, music, dance, and audience participation. A lot of ghoulish fun around every corner.

The King Serpent Wild West Revue – Somewhere in the old west sits the Serpent Saloon, where audiences are entertained by the King Serpent Gang. Led by David Fork Tongue Tanner, the most notorious gunslinger and card shark in history, the show features sketch comedy, music, dance, and audience participation. Until the surprise appearance of a traveling Holy Roller threatens to shut the whole saloon down.

The King Serpent Riverboat Cabaret – Coming soon!

The King Serpent Supernatural Circus – Coming soon!