Performer Bios

David Breen

Artistic Director

David has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for thirty years. He studied acting and music for two years at The Actors Workshop in Boston, and has performed, written, directed and produced for several well known companies in the Boston area. Some notable roles in his career include:

  • Wooden Shoes Eichorn in The Front Page with (Northern Stage in Vermont)
    Father Paddy Murphy in the interactive dinner theater show Finnegan’s Wake (The Ant and The Grasshopper)
  • The Ghost of Matthew Maul in Spirit of The Gables (The House of The Seven Gables, Salem, MA)
  • Lead/narrator for Winnekenni Castles Haunted House (later becoming team leader and co-director)

Most importantly David worked as a pirate tour guide for 6 years at the New England Pirate Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

As well as serving as Artistic Director for the King Serpent Variety Troupe, David works as the theater director and drama specialist for both Camp Evergreen Day Camp and The Melrose Public Schools. Visit his site here.

Michael Bloom

Musical Director

Michael has been involved with music since the age of five years old. After feeling unsatisfied playing piano and trumpet, Michael gave up on music until the age of eleven when after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, he picked up his first guitar – the rest is history. Michael is well known for playing in such bands as Cul De Sac, Timworld, and Urban Ambience. Michael has also arranged to bring obscure but brilliant bands from Europe and Brazil to perform in the Boston area.

Bruce Chester

Co-Director and Business Manager 

Growing up in north central Massachusetts, Bruce decided he wanted to be an actor after seeing the movie Superman. At 13, he trained at the Guild Players Touring Company, he appeared in his first professional production, “Of Mice and Men”. He trained at the Guild for 2 and a half years. During high school he performed in “South Pacific”, “Li’l Abner” and “Guys and Dolls” starring as Nathan Detroit. At 17 before finishing high school, Bruce enlisted in the Massachusetts Army National Guard in order to help pay for college. Bruce in appeared in the third production of “Man in a Raincoat”. Other performances were “Saint Joan of the Stockyards” by Bertolt Brecht, “Hair”, and “Little Shop of Horrors”.  In 1995 he was cast as an extra and hired as the Military Advisor for the prestigious American Repertory Theater’s production of “Henry V”. In 1997, he appeared at the African Meeting House, in Boston as Frederick Douglass in an original production written by Paul Bogan. Bruce has worked on several films including Knight and Day with Tom Cruise, The Town, American Hustle and The Equalizer 2.  Bruce is the author of four novels, and he wrote and directed the King Serpent original production, “A Groovy Day in the Park”. He is currently performing his one-man show, “Hold High the Flag, SGT Carney” around New England.

Josephine Boone

Stage Manager and Choreographer

Specializing in Egyptian Orientale belly dance, Josephine has over 25 years of performing experience. She has performed in an incredibly wide variety of venues in her home city of Atlanta, GA, and then Dallas TX, including birthday bellygrams at office parties, numerous Renaissance festivals, top Middle Eastern restaurants, large corporate events, and even science fiction/fantasy conventions. With her move to Boston, MA, she has joined the local steampunk and vintage communities and enjoyed experimenting with new elements for a unique performance.