“Captain David, you are awesome! Thank you for so much birthday fun!” – The DeVeau family

“Animated and entertaining…” – TripAdvisor, excerpt from a five-star review

“Good stuff, Captain David! Nice to have you and Minstrel Michael!” – Trisha Gallagher-Boisvert, Executive Director, Sailing Heals

“I’ve enjoyed the characters, skits, and performances – a bit of variety with jokes, music, and good voice work, David and Michael’s pirate stories and songs of Olde Salem were good history and fun.” – Bob Nelson, WMWM Salem State Radio

“A fun, twisted, zany take on pirates, and gangsters with storytelling, music, comedy, and period costumes all rolled into one! The shows the King Serpent Troupe does will keep you entertained from beginning to end with tons of twists and turns, sing-a-longs and group participation. ” – Paul Pipitone, Lead/Bass Melt

“Great and effective performance!” – Dan Tremblay, Danvers Historical Society

“Captain David and his troupe rock! They bring a fun time wherever they go. Laughs, songs, and good times!” Paul Angelosanto, Astro Al

“The show was very entertaining…I would definitely like to see the next show!” – Charlie Kotsiopoulos, Pearl Street Station Manager

“Captivating stories that bring you on a journey to a different time…” – Nate Dunne, Triax Coalition

“David Breen and Mike Bloom put on a great 2 man show (Pirate Tales and Ditties of Ye Olde Salem). If you enjoy live stage acting and performers who bring enthusiasm to their roles, this one is for you. David (as Captain Fork Tongue) regaled the audience with the pirate history of Salem and the merchant seafaring adventures of early Massachusetts. If you’re sitting up front be prepared for David’s powerful stage presence. Mike Bloom accompanies David on guitar with fine picking of folk songs that were popular when pirates roamed the seas, and offers wonderful stories of maritime life.” – Chris Barry

“The show was very good; informative about the 1920’s!” “Very well done and entertaining!” – Larry and Donald Spraker