About the King Serpent Variety Troupe

The King Serpent Variety Troupe is an outlaw themed performing group based in New England. With music, dance, singing, and storytelling, they have invaded a wide variety of venues and made away with the hearts of audiences young and old.

Led by director and lead writer David Breen, the King Serpent has performed on many stages around New England, including Topsfield Fair, Mahi Mahi Cruises & Charters, and Cape Cod Irish Village Hotel. Michael Bloom composes and performs most of the music for the shows. Josephine Boone is assistant stage manager, choreographer, and costume designer. Bruce Chester serves as Business Manager and co-director. Bill McIninch serves as co-writer and props creator. As of 2018, new additions include Peggy Rogers as a performer and collaborator, Arlene Elkins and Doreen Marshall as part of our dance ensemble.

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David Breen
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